Types of Mixed Parlays in Online Sports Betting

Mixed Parlays are one of the most profitable yet risky types of wagers which is popular with some sports bettors seeking high risk rewards. A mixed parlay wager is typically composed on at least two different kinds of sports, such as Soccer and Basketball. Parlays are said to be a bad bet and mixed parlays to be the sucker bets. However, that doesn’t stop people from playing such bets. Let’s dig deeper on the types of mixed parlays in online sports betting and whether they’re smart wagers.

Types of Mixed Parlays in Online Sports Betting                      

Types of Mixed Parlays in Online Sports Betting
Types of Mixed Parlays in Online Sports Betting

Two-Sport Mixed Parlay

The two-sport mixed parlay differentiates from one sportsbook to another. For instance, the sportsbook Malaysia will allow you to combine any two sports, while others limit your choices. Put simply, you are able to combine two different sports, or two different levels of the same sport, such as collegiate and professional Basketball.

Mixing two different sports requires high proficiency in order to make smart bets. For example, you choose to mix soccer and basketball, you will have to engage on two different handicapping scenarios. Plus, you will need to be right on both, you will lose your wager when one of them goes wrong. Handicapping different levels of the same sport is not as difficult but still has some challenges as professional and collegiate handicapping methods are different.

Three-Sport Mixed Parlay

If the two-sport mixed parlay is already difficult for you, adding a one more sport is even tougher. Sometimes, you can wager on three different sports such as NBA, Champions League and MLB at the same time. Just imagining the amount of handicapping you’d have to do to have a good shot at putting together three-sport mixed parlay.

Up to this point, you can see that mixed parlays are focused on team sports. Things become even complex when you start mixing events like MotoGP, Golf, Tennis, Cricket and other sports too.

Special Mixed Parlay

Sportsbook Malaysia will offer sometimes special mixed parlays. Usually they define which sporting events it is applied and they designate what types of picks you need to make. This type of parlay is usually hyped because it offers large payouts. However, they are nearly impossible to win.

As an example, the sportsbook Malaysia may offer you three soccer matches, a golf tournament and four different basketball games. Bettors must choose the winner for each of those options correctly or your wager will lose.

Consider the complexity of the special mixed parlay. Soccer matches has three possible outcomes (draw, home win and away win). The baseball games on the other hand is, in essence already a parlay because you must choose the winner and totals, making baseball a sport which is difficult to predict. Also, you have to know that each of the sport chosen by sportsbook Malaysia are selected carefully.

Lastly, golf matches has dozens of players from which you can choose, at the least there are twenty players capable of winning the tournament. On the golf tournament, the bookmaker is actually asking to handicap the entire tournament.

This is the reason why I fully suggest to avoid this type of mixed parlay unless you have a lot of money to burn or feeling lucky.

Payouts of Mixed Parlays

Payouts for types of mixed parlays in online sports betting vary quite a bit. If the total of your wager on games are at -110, then basically you’ll receive the same odds as if you would have for a regular parlay. However, you will be betting on events which has different odds. This means the event’s odds is calculated individually and the total payout is the combination of those payouts. Mixed parlays offers large profits on a relatively small bets, but remember, they’re so tough to get right, and they offer little value to the sports bettors.

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