Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019

The battle for the title of the Champions League will be again hotly contested this season. As the teams fight their way to reach the finals in Madrid on June 1, 2019. We will provide you with the top favorites to win Champions League Title 2019. So, without further ado, here are the teams to watch in no particular order.

Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019

Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019
Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019


After losing the key legend Gianluigi Buffon, signing in Cristiano Ronaldo makes up for that spot which has definitely the skill to win it. The group stage is though for Juventus after losing twice and a draw against Atletico Madrid which is also high favorites to win the tournament.

FC Barcelona

Losing Andrés Iniesta was a huge blow to the team. Even signing Coutinho, Arthur, Malcom and Langlet wouldn’t be able to make up for losing a player like Iniesta. However, it is not a bad move as those players are still great players on their own right. But if they have managed to get players like Pogba, Silva or maybe Veratti, then their chances to be at the finals will be good.

Paris Saint-Germain

No major loses neither gains aside from Buffon which is considered one of the greatest goal keepers ever. Having Buffon in the team surely makes them one of the favorites to win if not, would definitely be in the finals.

Manchester City

Man City tore Premier League to shreds last year and has broken numerous records before losing in the UEFA Champions League qualifiers to Liverpool. Manchester City hasn’t lost any key players, but instead gained a brilliant player, Steffan who is joining in July so the odds for the team in winning UCL is high in the live sports betting site.

Atletico Madrid

There are a lot of really good players at Atletico Madrid; Griezmann, Godin, Lemar, Luis, Juanfran, Oblak, Costa, Saul and Rodi too. These world class players all play on this team. To see them in them win wouldn’t be a shock, but it would not be seen yet. First, they have to defeat Ronaldo’s Juventus first, and if they do, they’d be the REAL favorites to win UCL.

FC Bayern Munich

The 27-time Bundesliga champions started the season a little bit slow. However, today as you can see at the betting sites Malaysia, they are currently at the 1st place in Bundesliga. Hopefully they’ll maintain this pace and win it. After that they will be sure to be in the top spot in UCL.

Real Madrid

After losing Cristiano Ronaldo to rivals Juventus in summer for £102m, you would think that Juventus got him for bargain. They have signed Thibaut Courtois which is a good idea. Also, even without Ronaldo, they are still a team to be reckoned with.


Do not forget about the former European champions Liverpool. At their lifetime they have won 5 Champions League and have beaten Manchester City which is a considerable achievement that is acknowledge in the world of soccer.


These list of the top favorites to win Champions League title 2019 are the teams that I consider to win. If you want to get the latest odds and rankings, you can visit the live sports betting site QQ828 for more information.

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