Sports Betting Malaysia – How to Bet on Cricket

Betting on cricket is just other sports, you will need discipline, money management and the ability to find value bets. After learning the basics, you will be able to do those things mentioned earlier. Read on and continue know sports betting Malaysia – how to bet on cricket.

Sports Betting Malaysia – How to Bet on Cricket

Sports Betting Malaysia - How to Bet on Cricket
Sports Betting Malaysia – How to Bet on Cricket

There are many alternative to cricket betting at sportsbooks that you might actually get tempted to. Instead of learning how to bet on Cricket, you might be better if you learn like betting on baseball or handball because the data are readily available. However, thanks to today’s innovation, there are amount of accessible data that resulted to cricket betting interest.

How the Sport Work

In this sport there are two teams compromising of 11 players on both side. The usual playing field is circular and can vary in size but the centre point. The “Pitch” where all the action takes place is a 22-yard-long strip. Team’s takes turn in bat and bowl, one bowler and ten on the field for the bowling side and two batsmen at a time for the batting side.


The aim of the batting team is to score the most runs possible in the allotted six deliveries from the bowler or before the batsman are out. The batsman plays at either end of the wicket, and the bowling end alternating at the end of each over.

Scores are determined by running to either end of the wicket after hitting the ball or by hitting the boundary. A score is also counted if the ball hits the boundary after touching the floor; if it doesn’t, it scores six runs.


Bowling is a term in Cricket that refers to when a player (the bowler) serves the ball towards the stumps the batsman is defending. The aim of bowling is to limit the number of runs the batting side will do and dismiss all the players using any of these methods:

  • Bowled
  • Caught
  • LBW*
  • Run Out
  • Stumped

There’s also different tricks and styles in cricket; the most common ones are:

  • Fast-Paced: above 85mph.
  • Medium-Paced: between 60-85 mph.
  • Off-spinner: right arm finger swing, usually targets the right-handed batsman.
  • Leg-Spinner: right arm wrist spin, spins the ball away from the right-handed batsman into the left-handed batsman.
  • Slow Orthodox: finger spin using left arm
  • Slow Chinaman: wrist spin using left arm

Handicap Betting on Cricket

Just like other sports in sports betting Malaysia, they also offer handicap betting for cricket. Usually, it is used to level the playing field between two teams. If one is considered as the favorites they will be allotted with negative handicap. The underdogs on the other hand are given an advantage. However, it is not as straightforward as this in cricket.

Simply put, the handicap in cricket is allotted after one of the teams have completed their innings. For example, if Team A have posted a total of 200 runs, then sports betting Malaysia can then apply a handicap of -20.5 for Team A and +20.5 for Team B. Handicap betting in cricket makes outright market interesting, even if one of the team is out performing another.

Understand the impact of Weather

Cricket are played outside the field, so it makes sense to consider the weather for that day of the event. If there are plenty of clouds, some bowlers using swing technique will enjoy it. If the sun is out, the fast bowlers will receive less assistance, transferring their advantage to the batsman. However, with the constant sunshine it will bake and break the pitch, this will favor the spinners later on the game.


Those are the basics of sports betting Malaysia – how to bet on cricket. Now you can join the millions of bettors across the globe you enjoys betting on this sport.

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