Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals Betting

Soccer definitely has the most types of bets you can wager on, makes it one of the advantages of joining sportsbook Malaysia. One of those is the Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals betting market. Simply put, you will predict on what will be the total score of the game – odd or even. Note that if the game ends in 0-0, it will be considered as Even. Online bookmakers only considers regular time to verify an Odd Even & Total Goals bet. This means injury time is included, extra time and penalty are excluded.

Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals Betting

Odd Even and Total Goals are basically new addition at online sportsbook Malaysia. It is becoming really popular because of the good odds it provides. However, it is difficult to predict as it only takes one score to change the outcome from winning to losing. This is the main reason why many good bettors stay away from this market.

Usually, the odds given in odd even and total goals are 1.90 or 2.00 for both options. This gives the bookie a small edge against bettors. However, it is possible to beat the bookies if you do some statistical research before placing bets.

Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals Betting
Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals Betting

Odd Even and Total Goals Strategies

There are no proven ways to win odd even and total goals, but there are few things that can tilt the odds in your favor. One of the simplest is focusing on the games that you think that will be scoring high or low because the teams playing have predictable scoring records.

Another way is to look for games that you expect to be one-sided. For instance, the heavy favorites may have a short price in the match winners market, but you think they will exert their superiority on the field, then they may have a good bet in Over 2.5 or Over 3.5 goals market.

Bettors who want to bet on odd even and total goals market should focus on these factors that can influence the final number of goals:

  • Head-to-head Records. Have the previous meetings between the teams produced unusual high or low number or goals?
  • Recent Form. How many goals have both teams scored in the recent performance, keeping in mind their home and away records?
  • This is mostly an overlooked factor. For example, a wet weather usually has the effects of slowing down players on the field, making it harder to score goals.

Successful bettors on this market generally crunch numbers in order to calculate the probability of different outcomes. How to do this would take another article but once the probability is calculated, it will only take a matter of adding them up to find value bets.

Games to Stay Away from

Experienced Soccer punters who bet regularly in this market have developed their own rules to determine what kind of match to steer clear of. If you’re a beginner on odd even and total goals market, there are few thumb rules that can save you from wasted bets.

Stay away from games of two closely matched teams. Why? Because a closely matched team may decide to play aggressively to beat their rivals, or they may play defensively to avoid defeat. Unless you know how they will play the game, stay away from this bet.

The next thing you need to avoid are those team that doesn’t need to go all out for the win. Perhaps they can 4-0 their opponent on the first leg, or happy if the game ends in a draw.


Soccer odd even and total goals betting offers another option for punters who wants to avoid betting from the traditional Match Winner market. By studying the previous match records, games to avoid and strategies, it is possible to make huge profits from odd even and total goals market.

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