Soccer Half Time/Full Time Betting Explained

In this article we will explain another popular soccer betting strategy which has become a famous bet through the last years. This is non-other than Half Time/Full Time. It is a bet of what result of a competition on the interval and at the last-minute. Here is Soccer Half Time/Full Time betting explained in details.

Types of Soccer Half Time/Full Time Betting Explained

Soccer Half Time/Full Time Betting Explained
Soccer Half Time/Full Time Betting Explained

This betting strategy has nine possible outcomes in a soccer match:

  • HH: Home Team and Home Team
  • HD: Home Team – Draw
  • HA: Home Team – Away Team
  • DD: Draw – Draw
  • DH: Draw – Home Team
  • DA: Draw – Away Team
  • AH: Away Team – Home Team
  • AD: Away Team – Draw
  • AA: Away Team – Away Team

Remember, when betting on Half Time/Full Time markets, you are wagering on a choice that goes against eight possible outcomes.

Why Bet on Half Time/Full Time?

Thanks to having nine potential conclusions, you will get better odds than what you commonly find at 1×2 and Double Chance betting where there are only three outcomes.

Here’s an example: In Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain might be betting at 8:11 to win a match against Manchester United. However, you can back the Red Devils at 7:4 to lead the half-time and full-time, if you think that they will be ahead by the interval as well as win the game.

Furthermore, you might see there’s odds of 15/4 that we get of Draw Half-Time Manchester United Full Time. If you think they will be able to win the game after being level at break.

What Are the Most Picked Half Time/Full Time Bets?

When it comes to soccer matches, it is always popular for bettors to back the heavy-favorites and a good way is to side with them to lead on both half-time and full-time.

You might think that Liverpool is presumably to win the Premier League match against Chelsea, even though the odds of 13/10 may be too small for the average size of your bet. If you put MYR10 in Liverpool, you would earn MYR23 if they defeat Chelsea.

However, if you wagered MYR10 at Liverpool with odds of 11:4 and will lead at halftime and fulltime, you could get a possible return of MYR37.50. Of course, to win the last bet, the Reds must be ahead in between, as well as the final whistle.

When is the Right Time to Use This Soccer Betting Strategy?

If you certainly want a favorite to win the match and you also have a quick enough start to lead the rest, you have to bet on this bet if the odds are good. The danger is often if they can force an advance against a defensive team before the second half.

If you like to side with a team such as Young Boys so that to create it more difficult to win, then you can opt for the Draw HT Young Boys FT option and, in general, your odds will be higher for this wager than Young Boys HT Young Boys FT.

Always remember that these results are very rare:

  • Home Team Leads Halftime – Away Team Leads Fulltime
  • Away Team Leads Halftime – Home Team Leads Fulltime

These are the types of wagers which offer the highest prices in the part-time / full-time betting markets, as you rely on a team to overcome at least one goal deficit to pass and win the game.


Hopefully the soccer half time/full time betting explained has given you a new light in soccer betting. Consider this market whenever you want to have more opportunities to make profits. Nonetheless, good luck and have fun.

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