Outright Bet in Soccer Explained

Do you like to try to predict which team will win your favorite Soccer league? Or which team will win the next major tournament? If you answered in the affirmative, you must learn more about Soccer futures and competitions! These popular Soccer bets can be hard to reach, but outright bet in soccer explained easy to understand and can offer attractive payouts

Outright Bet in Soccer Explained

Outright Bet in Soccer Explained
Outright Bet in Soccer Explained

Unlike most Soccer bets, futures and outright bet are not based on what happens in the different matches. Normally they are based on the final result of a full competition. A simple example is the future of Soccer in the winner of a competition. All you have to do here is to choose the team that you think will win the trophy. If you choose the right team, your bet wins. If you do not, you lose your bet.

We extend this example below, to show exactly how futures and rights work. We have also covered other things you need to know. We look at when you can place futures and rights, as well as the different results you can bet on. Throughout this article, we provide helpful tips on how to effectively use these types of bets.

Before beginning, it must be mentioned that there is no difference between a future and an absolute. These are just two terms used to describe the same type of bet. The term “future” is used primarily in the United States, while the term outright is used completely in most other areas.

Betting on the Outright Winner

Betting on the outright winner is the most straightforward and most popular way to bet on soccer futures. Like mentioned before at the introduction, you are simply betting on which team you think will win a particular competition. This type of wager works exactly the same for any league or competition at the live betting site and online sportsbook.

Online sports betting site covers dozens of outright wager market for every soccer competition across the globe. Usually it is opened at least a few weeks, or even further in advance than that. Outright betting market is open until the end of the tournament.

Here’s an example of the outright betting market for UEFA Champions League:

Outright Market for UEFA Champions League
Outright Market for UEFA Champions League

At first glance, you will easily notice that Manchester City are the favorites to win UEFA Champions League and their odds are just 4.35. Schalke 04 have odds of 205.00 which reflects that they have almost no chance of winning the tournament.

This kind of disparity is normal in outright betting market. There are only few teams you are actually have a chance of winning a tournament or league. The other teams are just there to make up the numbers. The underdogs can still win though, these competitions are not foregone competitions.

When to Place a Soccer Outright Bet

Outright and futures bet are considered as a “long-term” wagers. This is because the market is available in advance of a starting competition. However, this doesn’t mean that we should place bets as soon as it become available at the betting site.

We have three options on when to place a soccer outright bet:

  • Weeks or months before the start of the league
  • Shortly before the start of the league
  • After the league has started

The first option is not taken very often. You don’t want to bet on a completion that will start weeks or months away. There are some significant things that can happen that will alter the outcome of the competition. Injuries and transfers are some of it.

These kinds of changes can drastically affect our outlook on what likely to happen. This is why I prefer you to wait until the competition gets a little closer to start. By then we can be sure to have a much

The best and safest way to bet on the futures or outright is shortly before the tournament starts and after it has started to take place. That concludes the outright bet in soccer explained. Find more of this market at the different types of online sportsbook products.

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