Online Sports Malaysia Moto GP Betting Guide

Moto GP can’t be compare in terms of popularity to other sports like soccer and basketball. However, it has extremely passionate and loyal fans from various parts of the world. This is the highest class of motorbike racing in the world, where only five or six riders are chosen each year. Here’s a breakdown of online sports Malaysia Moto GP betting guide.

Online Sports Malaysia Moto GP Betting Guide

Online Sports Malaysia Moto GP Betting Guide
Online Sports Malaysia Moto GP Betting Guide

In Moto GP, bettors put their bets on individual race winners, podium finishers and the World Champion at the sportsbooks. While there’s no guaranteed strategy for making money in Moto GP competitions, these following tips can get you a little bit of enhanced chances.

Know the Rankings

Racers acquire points throughout the season and this points serves as their ranking. As the seasons begins to come closer to a close, riders are facing great pressure in order to raise their rankings. This can lead to a racer to deliver a superior performance or he may take a corner to fast and crash. This is one of the important factors that bettors should always be aware of.

Shop Around for Value Bets

It’s never a good idea to accept the first odds you stumble across the online sports Malaysia. Open both of their sportsbook partners first and compare the odds to find the best value wager. While most look similar, there are chances when bookmaker gives odds better than the other.

Review Each Courses

Each course of Moto GP is different, some may favor certain style of riders over another. Know each course that the event will be held on and how each driver performs under specific track conditions. If they have crashed on the track, there is a high possibility that it can impact their performance. These details can mean a lot between winning and losing a wager.

Check the Weather Conditions

Weather conditions have a huge impact on outdoor events whether it’s Moto GP or Formula 1. For this reason bettors should closely watch or monitor the weather forecast in order to anticipate possible conditions of the track. Like mentioned before, some riders perform better in certain conditions, an especially bad weather can create major upsets.

Betting Markets for Moto GP

Regardless of which online sportsbook you choose at online sports Malaysia, the betting options or markets will be the same. You’re likely to find this markets listed below:

Future or Outright Winner

This is the simplest form of wager offered at the online sports Malaysia. The bettors only need to place their predictions on who will win the entire tournament. This is perfect for those punters that doesn’t want to do complicated betting.

Podium Finish

Also known as Top 3 Finish, this bet pays out if the racer is placed on the top 3 position at the conclusion of the event. Variants of this wager includes top 5 and top 6.

Fastest Lap Time

As the name suggests, this is the time that the racer takes to complete a lap around the course. Pay outs are given if you correctly predict the driver which has the fastest lap time. The type of track or course and weather plays a huge role in this type of bet.

Top Favorite to Win Moto GP 2018

Spain’s Marc Marquez who won the last Moto GP is the top favorite to win this year. You can see the stats at online sports Malaysia on how much you could bag if you win the bet on him. However, no one can successfully predict the outcome of the event, so betting on other contenders like Valentino Rossi is not a bad idea.


Through the use of this online sports Malaysia Moto GP betting guide, you are ready to get started with it. Take advantage of their lavish rewards to get a huge boost on your bankroll.

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