Online Sports Betting in Malaysia

In the late 1950s since becoming a free nation, Malaysia emerged as one of the most financially robust nation in Southeast Asia. Its gambling laws are quite interesting. About one hour from the capital Kuala Lumpur by train, the Resorts World can be accessed by gamblers. However, it is illegal for the population to use the casino – specifically Muslims. The same applies to online sports betting in Malaysia.

Online Sports Betting in Malaysia

There’s not a month that passes by without a news about illegal online sports betting activities in the country. You see, this is because those online gambling establishments has physical location within the territory. This means that they are still within the jurisdiction of the authorities.

There are no specific reference to online sports betting act, and no relevant amendment is made yet so the market remains unregulated. That said, the government of Malaysia does not issue license to online betting sites within the country.

There are however forms of legal gambling under the betting act. It states that penalties do not apply to licensed and accredited online sports betting sites. Also there’s the Lotteries Act 1952 which allows lotteries to be run and Racing Act 1961 on horse racing, but only on a physical race course.

Online Sports Betting in Malaysia
Online Sports Betting in Malaysia

Popular Betting Markets in Malaysia

Badminton is probably the sport in which Malaysia has the most success, but football is the most popular sport in the country, involving people of all ages. Much of the money wagered on online betting houses goes to football matches in the country’s National Super League, as well as to major European leagues (notably the English Premier League).

As mentioned above, the only legal land-based casino in Malaysia is found at Genting Highlands. Located 200 meters above sea level in the Titiwangsa Mountain Range, the “City of pleasure above the clouds” is far from the usual casino and its unique setting makes it a must for visitors to the country. Kuala Lumpur coaches can attract visitors in less than an hour. The theme park and adjacent hotels prevent players from getting bored if they want to take a break.

Top Gambling Event in Malaysia

While the domestic Football Leagues such as Malaysia FAM League, Malaysia Super League and Malaysia Cup are the most followed competitions on the calendar. The country is also well-known internationally for hosting two major motorsports events; Formula One Grand Prix and Motorcycle Grand Prix Championship. This has been taking place since 1991 and 1999 respectively.

The Future of Online Sports Betting in Malaysia

It still remains unclear for the future of gambling in Malaysia. The dual legal system of the country, sharia courts governed by the nation’s Muslims, exists alongside secular courts, which allow freedom of religion, continues to provoke discussion, with the debate on: whether the laws of the country should reflect a secular or Islamic point of view. Gambling is one of the central topics in this debate, the issue of legalization being a hot topic. Perhaps lawmakers will analyze large-scale criminal activities related to the industry (such as the poker game set up in 2012 that raised more than $ 1 billion) and will see a market subject to regulation, but the future is far from clear.

Conclusion: Online Gambling is Easier

Malaysia is still far from officially legalizing gambling for its citizens. The good news is licensed gaming sites are exempted from the law. You can deposit in Malaysian Ringgit, choose from the wide sports markets and receive huge bonuses and rewards. Bookmakers located in the Philippines are also a great option, its stress free and much welcomes Malaysian gamblers.

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