How to Play

How to Play

First thing you will have to do before you can place your bets is to register an account. If you already have one you can skip this. For those who doesn’t have yet, here are steps on how to register. After you have made an account, make sure that it has a balance. There’s also how to deposit if you don’t know how to add funds on your account.

Once you’re done with the above step, make sure that your accounts are logged in. Then, from the Sportsbook section choose which from the partners you want to bet with. There are two partners on the site: 368Bet and Opus Sports that will give you the list of sports betting market. Here, you’ll find various sports including Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, American Football and other sports too.

Then, from those sports listed, you’ll find various betting markets. Let’s use Soccer as example. Here you will find different types of betting market including Handicap, Over/Under, 1×2, Double Chance, Correct Score and more. Remember that before you choose which market to bet on, you have to know how they work and how you can win.

Besides those traditional way of placing wagers, the best live sports betting site also offers in-play betting market. Here on this option, you’ll find many exclusive wagers only available while the game or events have started. Let’s use Soccer again as example. You can predict which team to first score a goal, player to be penalized or injured, and many more.

As you see, it’s really easy to learn how to play/bet on this website. Remember, gamble responsibly and you will surely enjoy betting online.