How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis is a sport which is fast paced and really entertaining. In order for you to learn how to bet on tennis online, you must understand the rules of the sport. In addition, you’ also need to know how the styles of play and court surfaces can affect the result in Tennis betting. Continue reading on to learn about it.

How to Bet on Tennis

How to Bet on Tennis
How to Bet on Tennis

Along with Football and Basketball, Tennis betting is one of the most profitable sports to bet. Bettors are able to choose from the array of tournaments and betting options. You can easily find value bets and make profits from them at the Malaysia live betting site.

Factors to Consider

Before betting on tennis, there are some factors to consider. Similar to other sports like cricket, it is important to know that players have different strengths and weaknesses. It is better to know them first before placing bets.

Tennis Rules

Tennis is usually played on four different surfaces; hardcourt, clay, grass and carpet. Because of the speed of both the player and the ball travelling on these surfaces, every player’s level of performance with vary differently. Some players like Novak Djokovic dominates on all three grand slam surfaces; grass, clay and hardcourt.

An experienced Tennis bettor will know each players skillsets and what kind of players they want to go against. Just like Boxing where there’s southpaw and orthodox, tennis players can be left or right-handed. This is important to consider when betting on this sport.

Here’s a few examples of the different types of Players; defensive, big-servers, baseline, and all-rounder players. Using the information such as player’s head-to-head records and combined hold/break stats, it will be a great way to smartly bet on Tennis.

Tennis Betting Markets and Events

Just like when learning on how to bet on football games, the best starting point is by betting on major tournaments. In this sport, there are four major events or “Grand Slams” each year. The US Open (hardcourt), French Open (clay court), Wimbledon (grass) and the Australian Open (hardcourt).

Both men and women compete in the mentioned Grand Slam tournaments and take part in ATP and WTA events throughout the year. Those organizations are also used to rank the tennis players. At sportsqq828 there are various betting markets for ATP and WTA and other events like Olympics and Davis Cup to name a few. Here’s an explanation of betting markets offered at the live sports betting site:

Money Line

The Money Line in Tennis betting is just like in Basketball betting, this simply means who will win the match. The amount of the payout is based on the odds. If you’re betting on a huge favorite, expect the pay to be only a few pennies. If you’re to bet on an underdog, betting a single Malaysian ringgit could land you ten MYR or even more.


Handicap in Tennis betting is when a player receives a number of games or sets as an advantage over their opponent to level them. Online bookmakers sets the Handicap figure and bettors can wager if Player A with a + handicap will win or Player B with a – handicap will.

Now that you know how to bet on tennis, take advantage of the great odds offered at sportsqq828. Lastly, you can find out more profitable sports to bet on and learn how to bet at the guide section.

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