How to Bet on Handball at Sportsbook Malaysia

Although handball doesn’t have the popularity of major sports like soccer and basketball, handball betting is immensely popular today. Learning how to bet on this sport is simple. There’s a plenty of value available in this sport that many bettors are taking notice of this sport. Read on to find and learn how to bet on handball at sportsbook Malaysia.

How to Bet on Handball at Sportsbook Malaysia

How to Bet on Handball at Sportsbook Malaysia
How to Bet on Handball at Sportsbook Malaysia

Handball has gradually evolved from an outdoor sport into the modern indoor version. That transition made the game to become a lot faster and more dynamic. Indoor venues have provided more intense atmosphere and since then it have become popular at sportsbooks.

How the sport is played

Handball is played in an indoor court with dimensions of 40m x 20m. The game involves two teams that has 7 players each in a two halves of 30 minutes. The aim of the game is similar to basketball where players throw ball into the opposing side using their hands.

It is also have similarities in rugby as the players are allowed to use force to stop an attacker. Play is stopped and then restarted by the attacking team, if a defender stops the attacker. Scoring patterns in handball is much closer to the structure of basketball than soccer. This is an important aspect since it can help you know the right approach when betting.

The game is very fluid with continuous and unlimited substitutions. As a result, the score tends to occur in groups with teams that focus on the offensive, trying to generate momentum and advantage, and then consolidate that advantage with defensive periods.

After you have known how the game is played, you can begin to understand how to bet on handball at sportsbook Malaysia.

Betting Markets on Handball

Sportsbook Malaysia offers the same betting markets similar to that of basketball. For starters, you can find handicap betting and future or outright betting.

Handicaps are displayed in a positive (+) or negative (-) signs that represents their likelihood to win and odds. A number of goals is added to the team that has the negative (-) or subtracted from team with positive (+) to determine the outcome of the bet.

Future or outright betting is a simple form of wagering where to predict which team will win the entire tournament. So, if you want a simple and hassle-free way of betting, outright betting is your best bet.

Free Handball Betting Stats

Similar to other sports you can find at sportsbook Malaysia, there are plenty of stats available to bettors who want to learn how to bet on handball. Any kinds of stats you need that will help you empower your betting. You don’t need to leave the site to get the latest news and information you need on handball.

Best Competitions to Bet On

You can find many of the best competitions to bet on handball at the sportsbook Malaysia. There’s the World Handball Champions, European Handball Championship and The Olympics. Here are the following events and details about them:

World Handball Champions – huge event that involves countries from around the world. It is played biennially, it uses group format before the knockout rounds.

European Handball Championship – the second biggest handball event also played every two years. This tournament involves the best countries in Europe to compete for the award. It also acts as a qualifiers for the World Champions.

The Olympics – held every four years, the Olympics is a great event where nations fight it out for the Olympic gold.

Other Noteworthy Handball Competitions

In addition to the major events, sportsbook Malaysia bettors will be also able to choose from various noteworthy handball competitions. Such as the German Bundesliga, Spanish Liga and the EHF Champions League.


Now that you know how to bet on handball at sportsbook Malaysia and what the different events you can bet on, take advantage of their generous welcome bonuses to get the best value online.

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