How to Bet on Golf

In terms of popularity, Golf can’t be compared to sports such as Basketball and Soccer. However, there’s no denying the fact that it has many die hard fans located across the globe, particularly in English-speaking countries. Consequently, if you want to place wagers in this sport, you will have to learn how to bet on Golf first.

How to Bet on Golf

How to Bet on Golf
How to Bet on Golf

Golf betting markets at sportsbooks are usually different from team-based sports, understanding how it works will not take a long time. In fact, even if you are not an experienced punter, if you follow this guide you will become a fairly successful bettor right away.

Outright Winner

The easiest way to put your money on Golf tournament is by placing wagers on outright betting markets. For you to receive payouts, you must successfully predict who is going to take the entire event. As expected, online sports betting sites are aware of the fact that not every golf player has the chance to be on the top spots. With this in mind, the players are given different odds, which reflects his skill level to at least give you an idea on the potential returns.

If you visit the outright betting markets of sportsqq828, you’ll usually see something like this:

Jordan Spieth 13.00

Dustin Johnson 15.00

Brooks Koepka 16.00

Daniel Berger 201.00

If you have tried placing money line wagers on other sports, you will notice that in outright betting market there are no negative lines. This is due to the nature of the sport, placing bets on any golf player will give you a shot at collecting more than your wager. In the above example, if you placed a wager on the least likely to win, such as Daniel Berger, it will going to provide you with a chance to win huge. However, if you placed your bet on Jordan Spieth, the returns are minimal.

2/3 Ball Betting

This wager is more manageable than outright winner bet, as you will only have to predict which will wind individual matchups throughout each round of the tournament. Consequently, in order for your wager to win, your chosen golf player must have the lowest score in his group. However, other sites require the golfers to complete the three holes or more for the wagers to win. Two and three ball betting is one of the best options for punters looking to minimize the risk and variance. As this makes prediction considerably easier.

Parlay Betting

In Golf, the parlay bets are no different from the combination wagers on Soccer and Basketball. Simply put, parlays allows you to place multiple bets using a single ticket. However, there’s a catch, all your selection have to win in order to pay off. In a two-way parlay, if one of your predictions are wrong and others are correct you still wouldn’t receive payout. Obviously, the more predictions you include in your parlay, the higher returns you will receive.

Golf Betting Advice

Know that you know how to bet on golf, here is a bonus advice for you. Just because a player is hot right now, doesn’t mean a golf course is suited to him. While some play great with tight and twisty holes that gives them advantage. Lastly, if you want to boost your bank, do not hesitate to join promotions of the online sports betting site.

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