How to Bet on Football Games

Football or also known as Soccer, is a team sport between two teams consisting of eleven players each side using a ball. It is popularly played across the globe by millions of people, making it the world’ most popular sport. In addition, Football has been one of the biggest betting games market in online sportsbooks. If you’re new, this guide about how to bet on football games can help you get started.

How to Bet on Football Games

There’s no lack of games, futures and props which you can wager if you’re an avid sports bettor looking for Football betting action. Every 4 years there’s World Cup, and other prominent professional leagues and championships including English Premier League, Bundesliga La Liga and AFC tournaments.

How to Bet on Football Games
How to Bet on Football Games

Make Sure You Have Access

Before you start placing your bets on the Football leagues, make sure that you have unrestricted access to enough information that can help you make smart wagers. At least, you must be able to read about the latest information of the leagues. That includes anything that happened during the off-season.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you watch entire games or the highlights. Luckily, watching previous matches can be done on the site. Too often newbie sports bettors start betting on Football without having detailed information needed to place bets smartly. Don’t become one of those, arm yourself with the right information.

Know Football Before Betting

If you plan to bet on Football, it is recommended that you know every aspect of the game. You wouldn’t want to be wagering without arming yourself with a lot of current information needed to make the right decisions. The same is true with other sports, so don’t risk yourself when not knowing what to do in betting online.

Familiarize Yourself on Some Football Betting Terms

Unlike other sports, Football have more betting options you can imagine. The most common ones are Over/Under, Handicap, Half Time/Full Time, Double Chance and Accumulator. Like knowing the sport, learning the terms can help you manage your wagers.

Betting on Football

Placing bets on Football is especially difficult since the game can end on a Tie. This means that you will have three betting choices: Home Team win, Away team win and Tie. Betting on a match usually displays a spread ranging from 0 to 2 goals. It can be also any of the following 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2.

Typically, the underdogs are listed with a positive sign (+), while the favorite teams to win have minus sign (-). Here’s what you can expect to see:

                Argentina – ½ (-200)

                Nigeria + ½ (+165)

On this example above, if you wagered MYR 100 on Nigeria you can win 165. If the game ends on a Tie, you will win your wager back. If you bet 200 for Argentina to win, you’ll only receive 100. For you to cash in your wager, Argentina must win by one goal.

Some Good Tips for Beginners

A guide on how to start betting on football games is not complete without some good tips for beginners. Here are some that are generally accepted by professional bettors.

Bet with Your Head

Simply put, this is not because you wager on a team to win, but you know that they will win. This also works the other way around. Don’t just bet on a team to lose because you do not like them, but think that they are actually going to lose.

Keep Calm and Patient

Don’t think that you’re going to win every bet you make. If you aim to become a professional bettor, keep a calm and patient attitude. This way, you will be able to pick the right bets for you.

Never Bet More than You Can Risk Losing

Even if you ask professional bettors, this is what they’ll say to you. Before placing bets you must think carefully if that wager would lose, will you be still OK, if not, do not place a bet.


Now you now how to bet on football games, do not jump right in. Prepare a budget that you will solely use for football betting to fund your accounts. Remember, responsible gambling is better than get addicted to it.

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