How to Bet on Boxing Matches

The sport boxing has been associated with gambling and still a big business nowadays. In fact, boxing is one of the most profitable sports to bet on. Whether you’re an avid fan or just looking an opportunity to make big bucks. Our guide here on how to bet on Boxing matches will give you an overview of the important elements of the sport.

How to Bet on Boxing Matches

How to Bet on Boxing Matches
How to Bet on Boxing Matches

Basic Betting Options

Compared to other sports like soccer, boxing bets have limited betting markets. The simplest is which fighter will win the fight. However, if the fight is important, then there’s a chance you’re able to wager on any number of props.

Different Types of Boxing Bets

Inexperienced bettors tends to make mistake of the only way to win a bet on a boxing match is to wager on who’s going to be the winner. As mentioned above, that is the most common betting option. However, there are still many options to choose from that can utilize entertainment of profits. Here are some of the different types of boxing bets:

    • Moneylines – while the most common type of betting in boxing is which fight is going to win the match. Moneylines varies depending on the skill and style discrepancy between the fighters. Heavy favorites are displayed with the negative symbol (-) and underdogs with positive symbol (+). For example, favorite have -1000, you bet 1000 to win 100, with underdog +1000, bet 100 and you’ll win 1000.
    • Over/Under – Boxing match have a set of round, usually ranging from 10 to 12. Bookmakers then places over/under total somewhere along that number of rounds, bettors can bet on whether it will go OVER or UNDER the total set. For example, it is set at 6, if the match ends between rounds 1 through 5, that will be the UNDER, any round above 6 is considered as OVER. These lines can change based on the styles of the fighters; if two heavy-hitter are going to fight, then the chances for an early knockout is high, and the Over/Under line would be set fairly low. Higher lines will be set if the fighters are both skilled boxers.
  • Draws – In addition to who will win in the match, the bookmakers also offer betting on a draw. Draw in boxing are pretty rare, because of this, the payouts are enormous. Often upwards of +1000 and higher if the matchup is not even. Foe evenly-matched fights, the way for you to cash in big bucks is by making wise choices.

Bonus Tip

Just like you would do to any sport, arm yourself with the latest information. Do not pay attention to the noise people make on who will win the match. Analyze the fight, and make your own conclusions, if you see some potential that bookmakers don’t, it’s a good chance for you to make profits.


Now that you know how to bet on boxing matches, you can be a part of this exciting sport betting market at the bookmaker site today.

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