How to Bet on Badminton

Badminton is a fun sport for family and friends. However, just like other sports events you can also place wagers here. It is a sport that uses racket like tennis which is used to hit the shuttlecock across the net. The goal is to keep the shuttlecock airborne. If you’re interested in betting on this sport, first you have to learn how to bet on badminton.

How to Bet on Badminton

How to Bet on Badminton
How to Bet on Badminton

One of the most common betting market on Badminton is outright betting, where you simply pick the winner of the match. At the sportsbooks you will find the odds of each player that represents their chance to win the tournament.

For example, in a match Player A may have odds of 1.80 and Player B have 3.25 odds. In this example, the heavy favorite for the game is Player A and Player B is the underdog. If you have placed MYR 100 on Player A you could win an additional MYR 180. If you bet for Player B you’ll win MYR 325.

Handicap Betting in Badminton

This kind of wager is the most common type found at the online betting sites, also known to as Asian Handicap, it is a way to level the playing field by giving virtual advantage and disadvantage. Using the example above, here the favorite is Player A, he will be given a disadvantage and Player B will receive an advantage. This gives every bettor a great chance for them to find good value wagers.

Best Badminton Events to Bet On

Each year there are five badminton tournaments and special events which gives a lot of chances to make profits. Below is a list of the best badminton events to bet on together with information about them.

Olympic Badminton

In the year 1992, badminton has been inducted as an official sport for the Summer Olympics. The structure is setup as a single elimination where teams or player must win a best of three match to move on to the next round. Badminton now includes over 50 nations and has become one of the most popular racket sports played in the Olympics.

BWF Super Series

This is an annual second-tier tournament organized by the World Badminton Federation (BWF). 12 countries compete in singles and doubles.

Super Series Masters Final

This is the most lucrative major badminton event that happens at years end. Players play to win $500,000 in total prize money. The top eight players and teams based on the Super Series rankings are eligible for this event.

Sudirman Cup

Sudirman Cup is the largest Badminton Tournament in Indonesia. Founded in 1989 and named after the famous player Dick Sudirman. Played every 2 years consisting of doubles and mixed doubles matches. Players come from over the world and the most notable ones comes from China and South Korea.

Thomas & Uber Cup

Founded in 1949, the Thomas Cup (men’s) and Uber Cup (women’s) are a series of team tournaments that take place twice a year. Series of 12-team competition tournaments competing in place of the host country where both events are played simultaneously. Qualifiers are done in a round-robin structure and semi-final qualifiers until there’s only 12 teams left.

Badminton Betting Tip

Badminton is an indoor sport, so weather conditions is not a huge factor. The only chance that a player will miss the event is because of the inclement weather condition. One of the best ways for you to get the best information that you need is to go to the BWF homepage. You can find a decent amount of information about the players.


Learning how to bet on Badminton is as easy as other sports, however winning is on a different matter. To improve your chances, you must arm yourself with the right and latest information before you place bets.

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