Tips for Successful Sports Betting at Sportsbook Malaysia

Why do Malaysian sports bettors love to bet on sports even it is illegal? The answer is simple, it’s fun and gives opportunities to make some money! If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t rush off to start wagering just yet though. Approach things the wrong way and you will surely not enjoy sports betting at all. Not to mention, you wouldn’t be on the right path towards making profits. Unless, you follow the tips for successful sports betting at sportsbook Malaysia. Tips for Successful […]

Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019

The battle for the title of the Champions League will be again hotly contested this season. As the teams fight their way to reach the finals in Madrid on June 1, 2019. We will provide you with the top favorites to win Champions League Title 2019. So, without further ado, here are the teams to watch in no particular order. Top Favorites to Win Champions League Title 2019 Juventus After losing the key legend Gianluigi Buffon, signing in Cristiano Ronaldo makes up for that spot […]

Types of Mixed Parlays in Online Sports Betting

Mixed Parlays are one of the most profitable yet risky types of wagers which is popular with some sports bettors seeking high risk rewards. A mixed parlay wager is typically composed on at least two different kinds of sports, such as Soccer and Basketball. Parlays are said to be a bad bet and mixed parlays to be the sucker bets. However, that doesn’t stop people from playing such bets. Let’s dig deeper on the types of mixed parlays in online sports betting and whether they’re […]

Latest Malaysia Bet Website Bonuses and Promotions

Malaysia bet website not only provides Malaysians a safe and secured online betting experience. They also give them a lot of bonuses and rewards which doesn’t stop just from the welcome bonus for new members. Of all their offers, here are the latest Malaysia bet website bonuses and promotions for all. Latest Malaysia Bet Website Bonuses and Promotions QQ828, LaLiga & Bundesliga DBR Partner The growth of the Malaysia bet website can’t be denied. As they have become one of the sponsor of 1. FSV […]

A Brief History of Betting on Sports

Sports betting has been around for as long as we can imagine. It has made one man’s favorite pastimes (sports) and made it even more interesting by placing a wager on the outcome. Betting on sports became popular in the US in the 19th century. The advancement of technology made betting on sports such as Soccer, Baseball and Basketball more popular across the globe. A Brief History of Betting on Sports The Early Days The first ever recorded sports betting activity dates back more than […]

Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals Betting

Soccer definitely has the most types of bets you can wager on, makes it one of the advantages of joining sportsbook Malaysia. One of those is the Soccer Odd Even and Total Goals betting market. Simply put, you will predict on what will be the total score of the game – odd or even. Note that if the game ends in 0-0, it will be considered as Even. Online bookmakers only considers regular time to verify an Odd Even & Total Goals bet. This means […]

Guide for Choosing the Best Malaysia Sportsbook

Betting on sports has been here for as long as we can imagine. Today it is even popular and played at countries even it is illegal – like in Malaysia. This doesn’t stop them from taking part in the thrill of Football betting and on other sports. However, hundreds of sportsbooks exists today that sometimes get overwhelming to choose. Luckily, these guide for choosing the best Malaysia sportsbook is here to help. Guide for Choosing the Best Malaysia Sportsbook As mentioned above, there are not […]

Best Football Betting Guide for Malaysian Betting Market

Even though Football betting is illegal in Malaysia, that doesn’t stop fans from placing bets in their favorite teams. Some casinos in the country accepts bets in some popular sports like Football, however, it comes with a lot of risk. A huge fine of MYR 6,000, jail time up to 2 years or both, awaits you if you get caught in the act. Another common way for Malaysians to enjoy Football betting is to join the overseas sports betting sites. If you’re planning to bet […]

Guide for Malaysia Bet on Sports in Ringgit

Malaysia is one of the few Muslim countries that offer legalized bets. The problem is that it is legal only in certain locations and legal for non-Muslims. The Islamic Law explicitly prohibits gambling and those guilty of crimes incur up to six months in prison and or fines. Internet gambling is illegal, but it is not known that the authorities prosecute the criminals unless the gambling operation is carried out in Malaysia. This is great news for online betting operators that exploit this betting market. […]

Advantages of Joining Sportsbook Malaysia

If you enjoy betting on Football no doubt that sportsbook Malaysia is the best. You see, there are many advantages of joining sportsbook Malaysia. This website is fast and easy to use, literally placing all the action right at your fingertips. Below is an outline of the advantages of using the sportsbook. Advantages of Joining Sportsbook Malaysia Convenience Betting online at sportsbook Malaysia is so convenient. You don’t have to sit every time in front of your computers to place bets. This means you can […]