Easy Guide to Basketball Handicapping

If you are betting on Basketball, you know that this sport provides a lot of opportunities, however winning your wagers is more complex that it seems. Even if you know how the game is played, there are still a lot of room for human error. Your knowledge won’t always help you beat the odds.

This is where the easy guide to basketball handicapping comes in place.

Easy Guide to Basketball Handicapping

Betting on Basketball, although easy, but actually it is not easy to master. There are several things you should look for when trying to spot the best bets. Here’s a few things I recommend to help you with handicapping.

Public Viewpoint

There’s no doubt that online bookmakers are very good at setting the lines. However, even if you know how to bet on basketball online there are many times that they adjust it towards one side when they see the public viewpoint of one team is higher/lower than actual value.

If you have a team on your watch list that as experienced five straight loss, the public will automatically start placing more wagers on their opponents. This is what exactly the online sportsbook Malaysia want. Soon, that struggling team is going to receive more points than they should, this is where the handicapping sharks makes profits.

Home/Away Venue

One of the biggest factors that affect the outcome of a Basketball game is the venue. Many times you will see highly ranked teams giving way too many points just because they are not playing on their Home court. Online sportsbook know that people ignore this information and just go with the highly ranked team.

In addition to that, you also need to keep an eye on Home Underdogs that are very good at playing the defensive. You know what they say: “A good defense, is a good offense”. If you managed to find a team that plays like that, you will gain a lot of value from them.

This process tends to work out because most of the time people just look for a good track record than considering other factors that affect the outcome of a game.

Player Injuries

Another thing that affects the outcome of a game is player injuries. Days between games are not that far from one another, many times you wouldn’t know about a player injury unless it is your favorite team or a star player that shows up on the news.

You also have to know how an injury can affect a specific team. A team that consist of players that score in double figures, the loss of one of those players will be not that big. However, if we consider that he is the only player of that particular team, then it is most likely that they will take a huge blow.

Knowing the Latest Trends

This is a very popular tool that professional basketball punter use, but without incorporating the above factors it will not be as effective as it supposed to be. For example, if you visit the online sportsbook Malaysia and look for the latest trends, you will notice that both teams are favored to win and favored to lose. The decisive factor here is to be able to spot which trends actually factor the match which you are trying to figure.

For example, one team’s trend says they are 13-6 in their previous 19 games played last Thursday. While the other team’s trend says 9-5 ATS in last 14 games as a home underdogs (5.0-10.5). Home underdogs tends to have a bigger factor compare on how a team has done on a particular day.

Spotting trends that actually matter usually takes some practice, but in return this can be a very useful tool in helping you making profits in Basketball betting.

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