Different Types of Online Sportsbook Products and Their Features

Sports betting is describe as a way to predict the outcome of a sporting event by placing wagers. Nowadays, you can find new ways to bet on sports through online bookmakers. In this section of our sports betting guide you’ll know the different types of online sportsbook products and their features.

Different Types of Online Sportsbook Products and Their Features

Sportsbooks are betting platforms or software that is aimed for the purpose of wagering on sports. It has a lot of features that is really useful for punter in making the right wagers. So what are these sportsbooks and their features?

Different Types of Online Sportsbook Products and Their Features
Different Types of Online Sportsbook Products and Their Features

C-Sport Online Sportsbook

368Bet or popularly known as C-Sport at Malaysia betting site is one of the popular bookmakers in Asia today. They offer a wide selection of sporting events; be it local or international. For starters, you can bet on World Cup every four years, or place wagers on NBA, MLB, Bundesliga and more. Here are features they support:

  • Array of Betting Options – C-Sports offer various types of betting options such as Handicap, Over/Under, Odd/Even, Total Goal and more. By clicking one of any betting option, you will be able to place that kind of wager on the sport. Also, you will see how much odds a certain wager is about to payout.
  • Live Betting Feature – Besides from the traditional way of placing wagers, C-Sport also offers bettors in-play betting market. This option allows everyone to place their bets whilst the games or events are taking place. It’s really convenient especially if you have missed your chance to bet on your sports.

I-Sport Online Sportsbook

Also famously known by Malaysian bettors as Saba Sports. This is a sportsbook that provides a wide variety of soccer events including Piala FA Malaysia, Liga Super and Liga Perdana Malaysia. In addition, there are more than hundreds of international events, live streaming and in-play matches every month. Here are the best features of I-Sport:

  • Live Streaming – I-Sport gives you the option to watch your favorite sports live for free. This comes without any restrictions, commercial breaks and in high quality. The live streaming feature is not just limited to desktop computers. It is also available for mobile device so you can watch live games anytime and anywhere.
  • User-Friendly Betting Interface – I-Sport offers the most user-friendly betting interface from the other sportsbooks of Malaysia betting site. Easily navigate through the betting options, and find live streamed games from the oddstable. Odds are constantly updated every minute for all types of sports.

O-Sport Online Sportsbook

Opus sports is one of the pioneers of online betting in Asia. Besides from being an online sportsbook, they are also known as an online casino. O-Sports online sportsbook is accessible 24/7 and offers the most competitive odds and widest range of sporting events.

  • Wide Array of Sports – You can bet on more than 30,000 pre-matches and 10,000 live matches every month. More sports selection than other online sportsbook which includes Snooker, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and also Entertainment.
  • Real-Time Stats and Live Scores – O-Sport takes pride in providing real-time stats to all sports betting markets they have. This way, you can easily shop for the best odds before placing a wager. Opus sports is 100% web-based so you don’t need to download anything or install application.


These different types of online sports products and their features can help you decide which one to choose. Nevertheless, any product you choose from the Malaysia betting site will surely give you nothing but the best services. Remember, to practice responsible gambling all the time.

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