1X2 and Double Chance Betting Explained

Understanding the basic bet types in sports is vital for any punter to maximize their chances to make profits. This article will explain one of the most basic betting options which is 1×2 bets. Continue reading the 1×2 betting explained and to learn more about it.

1X2 and Double Chance Betting Explained

1X2 and Double Chance Betting Explained
1X2 and Double Chance Betting Explained

1X2 Betting Explained

The 1×2 bet is also known as match, full time or three-way bet. This is the most common type of wager found in soccer and other sports where a draw is a possible outcome. 1×2 may seem to have a strange name and may cause some confusion at first, but if you wager mostly on Soccer, you may have seen this option at online sportsbooks.

Basically, the name 1×2 stands for the three outcomes of the game. 1 being the away team win, x for the draw and 2 for the home team win. The 1×2 betting market does not provide any handicap, instead the odds show the chances of each outcome to occur.

1X2 Bet Example

If you are still confused, here’s a detailed explanation of 1×2 bet which includes an example. We can use a hypothetical Champions League match between Borussia and Napoli to explain how 1×2 bet works. Here’s the example:

(1) Borussia 4.250

(X) 3.790

(2) Napoli 1.917

If you wagered MYR10 on Borussia to win at the odds of 4.250, you would win MYR 42.50 including the initial MYR 10 staked. Therefore, you would profit MYR 32.50. You would win nothing if the result of the match ended in a defeat or draw for Borussia.

A MYR 10 bet on a draw (X) would have returned MYR 37.90, a 27.90 profit and your initial MYR 10 stake. On the other hand, the same bet on Napoli would profit MYR 19.17 including the initial MYR 10 stake.

Double Chance Betting

Online sportsbooks in Malaysia offer tons of betting markets. This includes the double chance betting. It is used primarily on Soccer but also other sports with three possible outcomes like Hockey. However, it would not work for Tennis nor with Volleyball because it is impossible for a draw outcome.

Double Chance Example

A double chance wager allows you to cover up two outcomes of the game with one bet – 1X, 2X, 12. 1X (means home team and draw) – your bet wins if the home team wins or match ends in draw. 2X (Away team and draw) – your wager wins if the away team wins or match ends a draw. 12 (home and away team) – a bet wins when either home or away team wins the match.

Double chance betting market is really best done when betting on the underdogs. This is because a punter would only find low odds on the heavy favorites.

Why you should bet on Double Chance Market

As mentioned before, this is a great option for placing bets on the least favorites. In addition, given the lower risk in Double Chance, this certainly gives advantage for a good portion of punters. It’s a good betting option for punters who want to avoid the risk and high rollers given the high chance of winning.

What is the Best Bookie for 1X2 and Double Chance Betting Markets?

You can find the best odds for 1×2 and double chance at the sportsqq828 online sportsbook. Besides, you can find explanation of handicap betting at the site which is another popular market.

Conclusion: 1X2 and Double Chance Betting

This article about the 1X2 and double chance betting explained. It is simplified so you can start using these markets as soon as possible. Using these options, you have secured your winning and have improved chance of winning.

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